College of Naturopathic Nutrition


Part Time Professional Training Courses in Holistic Naturopathic Nutrition and Food Allergy Therapy

On competition of the two year course, full insurance is granted to practise nutritional therapy from the insurance company. Qualified therapists are then also eligible to become a member of AHNP.

Naturopathic Nutrition

Welcome to the world of Naturopathic nutrition. Your journey to well being is about to begin. Please take a little time to read through this page and learn about how you can start to discover a naturopathic way of living.

Our Philosophy

The College of Naturopathic Nutrition was founded on the principle that, through education people become empowered and by so doing can take responsibility for their own well being.

This philosophy is based on the belief that through education and empowerment we can provide our bodies with all the necessary tools and materials needed to achieve and maintain optimum health.

There is no great secret or mystery to good health; everything we need is easily within our reach. We simply need to be open to the ancient naturopathic values that provide the foundation of today’s progressive nutritional medicine.

The College

The College is open to anyone wishing to pursue a professional career in the practice of Holistic Nutrition, a form of Nutritional Therapy, as well as students who may wish to earn a qualification for their own personal education, fulfilment, and sense of well-being. On completion students will be able to practice as Holistic Naturopathic Nutritionists.

The College also offers training courses for those who wish to practice Food Allergy Therapy and wish to start a career in Allergy Testing.

Conventional medicine falls short of providing all the answers to everyday illness and an ever increasing number of people are seeking out complimentary therapies.

Fuelled by every day concerns about diet and food safety the area of health and fitness has become one of today’s fastest growing industries. People are more concerned with their health and diet than at any other other time in history and this has brought about a greater appreciation of the role of food and nutritional health. This has in turn created not only a need but also a demand for professionally trained therapists.

The College offers a friendly and welcoming environment for study with small intimate classes. Classes are purposefully designed to generate a gentle learning experience with a hands-on approach.


The College offers a number of courses geared towards careers in Holistic Nutrition and / or Allergy Therapy.

Courses range from a basic certificate in Holistic Nutrition to Diploma and Advanced Diploma at practitioner level. (more details……)

The College offers training tailor made to exacting standards to meet the requirements expected by national professional institutions and governing bodies. We aim to meet the highest possible professional standards.

Entry is open to anyone and the courses are ideal for anyone who has an interest in the field of Nutritional therapy and the fusion of western and oriental medicine, with a unique naturopathic approach.

Students are required to attend classes one day per month. Home study of approximately 20 hours each month is also required. Tuition involves, lectures, as well as practical exercises, in academic and therapeutic skills in Holistic Nutrition.

College Principal – Fiona Gibson DHD DNN PDNN CNN

Fiona Gibson came to Naturopathic Nutrition following a highly successful career that was interrupted by M.E. Fiona discovered the healing powers of Nutritional medicine and Dietry Therapy. It was the subtle approach of Naturopathic Nutrition that gave Fiona the means to recover her health.

Fiona trained in Dietry Healing and Natural Nutrition and successfully completed an exclusive individual apprenticeship with one of the UK’s leading nutritional teachers and practitioners.

In 1994 Fiona aided in the establishment of one of the UK’s foremost nutritional colleges, where for a number of years she tutored and lectured at practitioner level in the field of Naturopathic Nutrition.

Before establishing the College and moving her practice to the South East of England Fiona ran a busy clinic in the West Country and served as a nutritional Director and Consultant to a nationwide company specialising in food intolerance testing and specialised foods. Fiona initiated a successful national nutritional helpline where the BBC sought her expertise.

“Once in a while life may offer you a square centimetre of chance. If you have the courage to grasp that square centimetre of chance, your life could be changed in an instant.”

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