NEXT TWO YEAR PRACTITIONER COURSE SEPTEMBER 2016, NOW ENROLLING, Limited spaces available. Part Time Professional Training Courses in Holistic Naturopathic Nutrition and Food Allergy Therapy are also available.

The College of Naturopathic Nutrition was founded on the principle that through education people become empowered, and by so doing can take responsibility for their wellbeing.

This philosophy is based on the belief that through education and empowerment we can provide our bodies with all the necessary tools and materials needed to achieve and maintain individual optimum health.

31391259_smallThere is no great secret or mystery to good health; everything we need is easily within our reach. We simply need to be open to the power of food and its nutrients: combined with naturopathic values and eastern philosophies, this provides the foundation of today’s progressive naturopathic nutritional practice.

The College was opened in 2000 and its principal has been practicing and lecturing since 1993.

The college focuses on Food Intolerance Testing Training, Holistic Nutrition, Naturopathy and Nutritional Therapy Course from a Holistic therapeutic approach.

Available are home study Nutritional Courses, on line nutrition courses and part time Nutritional Therapy training. These courses are offered for the student who wishes to study Diet and Nutrition or train to become a Naturopathic Holistic Nutritional Therapist and ultimately start their own Nutritional Practice.

Courses range from comprehensive Nutrition Certificate courses to Practitioner/Therapy part time attendance courses. The courses are also been structured in away that they can fit in with a students busy lifestyle not requiring time to be taken off from work or from family in order to study.

15893340_sThe courses are intentionally created from a Holistic approach making them therapy friendly. The college believes in training students who wish to practice Naturopathic Nutrition from a therapy base, as opposed to the scientific approach. The courses enable people to practice the discipline as a therapy and work with clients, rather than obtain a high academic qualification that has no or little clinical skills approach.

The practitioner course also has the advantage of been very competitively priced and the option of instalment payments, thus making it affordable over a two year period and available to all rather than a select few. For further details please click on to the courses or prospectus icon.

On completion of the two year course, full insurance is granted to practice nutritional therapy from the insurance company. Qualified therapists are then also eligible to become a member of AHNP.

College of Naturopathic Nutrition.