Each course has been designed to allow students to achieve the highest possible standards in practice. The syllabus is based on our multidisciplinary approach and involves all aspects of Nutritional Medicine, including Anatomy and Physiology, Practice Management skills, Counselling and the Integrated System approach.

The multidisciplinary nature of Naturopathic Holistic Nutrition allows us to provide an interesting mixture of student orientated lectures and tutorials following a Holistic model. A broad spectrum of Holistic philosophies are covered, the central focus being upon their application and use in nutritional therapy.

Students are expected to attend lectures and tutorials and to complete coursework and written assignments. During tutorials students will have the opportunity to engage in role-play exercises and develop their practical skills. It is expected that students will take an active part in both discussion sessions and clinical exercises.

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Entry Requirement

Entry is available to students at any level, providing they show a keen interest in Naturopathic Holistic Nutrition.

Diet and Nutrient Coach Course

An intensive, six-module home study course, covering diet and nutrients and their supplementation.

Ideal for those wishing to study Nutrition and its benefits for home or family use – or, indeed, as an adjunct therapy for existing therapists or personal trainers who wish to have a solid foundation for correct safe nutritional advice.

At the end of the course a Diet and Nutrient Coach certificate is awarded and insurance will be able to be obtained for practicing this discipline.

Price: £320.00

Specification: To give people an understanding on how they can use a naturopathic approach to nutrition and well-being for themselves, friends and family. Practitioners qualified in other disciplines may find this useful to augment their own therapy.

1: The Nutrition Gap and the State of our Food
Module content/learning outcomes: by the end of this module you will understand

The Nutrition Gap
The reasons for the Nutrition Gap and its impact on human health and well-being
The nutritional state of our food sources
The ability of our bodies to assimilate food – factors that hinder this
Bridging the nutrition gap- safe and effective use of diet and supplements for this purpose
2: Naturopathic Nutrition
Module content/learning outcomes: by the end of this module you will be able to explain

The naturopathic approach to health
The role of the body in healing and repair – the principle of assisting the body to heal itself
Herrings law of cure
The law of minimum dose ? not sure if this required at this level of course
3: Understanding different types of Nutrients
Module content/learning outcomes: by the end of this module you will understand

The function and purpose of…
Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats in human nutrition
Vitamins and Minerals in human nutrition
4: Gut health and why it is so important to our health
Module content/learning outcomes: by the end of this module you will understand

How the digestive tract works – the basic principles of digestion, absorption and elimination
The importance of the gut flora to our health
Using probiotics.
This section will be kept at a basic level.
5: Overview of Vitamins and Minerals
Module content/learning outcomes: by the end of this module you will understand

The difference between fat soluble and water soluble vitamins and minerals
Principle food sources for each nutrient
How different nutrients are important to different parts of the body
Different types of supplements and how to select
Bio-effectiveness, safety and dosing
Common health conditions and symptoms associated with nutrient deficiency
How to use nutritional supplements to support health and the on-going management of common health conditions
Common drug/nutrient interactions
6: Guidelines for Eating for Sustained Health / What Constitutes a Good Diet
Module content/learning outcomes: by the end of this module you will understand

What constitutes a good diet
How to formulate effective nutrition for individuals and families, using …
Red, Yellow and Green light foods
The importance of eating an alkaline diet
Eating plans for individuals with specific allergies/intolerances

Food Intolerance/Sensitivity Training


Di Etx Ltd is bringing food intolerance testing into the new era with our all-new highly affordable, food analyser, through The Di Etx Programme in conjunction with Fiona Gibson and other leading experts in both the nutritional and electronics field.

The NHS recently confirmed a huge number of patients have problems that are diet or in some way food related. The demand for nutritional health care professionals has never been greater. If you like the idea of being your own boss, working hours that suit yourself, in a fast growing profession that is continuing to gain tremendous recognition, then this is THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU.

By completing a 2 day training course; we provide you with a business opportunity that allows you to set up your own business & be your own boss, work to your hours and the option to purchase your own Di Etx Machine for your business, ALL FOR ONLY a maximum £3950. This is compared to paying £10.000 with other businesses & courses; where you don’t receive a workload afterwards, don’t get to keep the machine & they keep a royalty payment. Our Training Course & Di Etx Machine offers the best & self-productive option in this profession.


Individuals wishing to embark on an exceptional business opportunity with unlimited expanding work potential. You will be part of a professional national organization with professional backup and training.
Our qualified allergy therapists are able, by using a simple, painless food intolerance test, able to pin point potentially harmful foods that could be causing client symptoms. They are trained to then offer advice on a sensible elimination programme.
As a self-employed Therapist, you can fit your work hours to suit you, whether that is part or full time. Earning potential is dependent on the number of days worked, but average earnings are between £180 – £400 per day. Unlike other opportunities Asknutrition does not restrict Therapists working geographical area, once qualified you can work anywhere, subject to demand.

Fiona Gibson DHD, DNN, PDNN, DNNP, CNN, AHHP is the founder of Asknutrition, ( a food allergy and nutritional health care consultancy, since 1993. Fiona has served as a consultant to a National Allergy Testing screening laboratory that secured her services as a result of her well-earned reputation. Adding to her reputation  Fiona also ran a Nutritional help line recognised by the BBC who acknowledge Fiona as an authority on food intolerance’s and sensitivities. Fiona is also the founder and Principal of the College of Holistic Health and Nutrition a College training students in Naturopathic Nutrition, a form of Nutritional Therapy. The course provides students with the requisite knowledge to become Therapists and run their own practices.


· The Di Etx machine is designed to be compact and lightweight thus making it ideal for mobile use.
· The Di-Etx analyser is only available through Di-Etx Ltd and great value for money at just £3400
· The course-training fee is ONLY £550.
· We sell the equipment to our trainees, we DON’T ‘loan it out’ like other companies, OR take royalty payments from your work, this is YOUR Business and YOUR money
· Di Etx is an electro dermal screening machine similar to the Vega Machine sometimes known as BER according to VOLL or Bioersonnance
· Training as a therapist and advice on how to create a successful business from experienced teachers and practitioners through our associate the UK School of Naturopathic Nutrition
· Associate Members of Asknutrition are entitled to join our national referral scheme.
· Associate Members of Asknutrition have access to our national nutritional help-line offering backup support and advice to clients.
· Marketing and educational information to potential client’s through our website.
· Leads in providing workload and in-roads into venues through Asknutriton enquiries.
· Access to Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover.
· An ethical, caring business opportunity
· Testing equipment and test kits
· Full training
· Ongoing training opportunities through out Associate Company College of Naturopathic Nutrition.

Rebecca Dorta (student from the Training Course) “Completing the training course has allowed me to become my own boss, work to freelance hours and build a steady client list of patients from the knowledge gained. Along with being part of a professional organisation, the benefits & contacts that being part of Ask Nutrition Ltd…it has changed my view in nutritional medicine and positive work outlook, I am now fulfilling my personal dream of being my own boss”

Matthew Ealy (Di Etx Machine owner) “I brought the Di Etx machine after the Training Course was completed and for a total of ₤3500 I have made the money back easily within the first few months. The machine is easy to learn and its mobility is essential to being able to practice with it on a freelance basis around the country with clients. If you want to be a top professional within this discipline, take this opportunity, you won’t regret it”


The machine is designed to be compact and lightweight thus making it ideal for use either at a permanent location or for mobile use. The Dietx comes complete with a honeycomb interface module. Acupuncture point stylus and conductor. Food Testing ampoule kits and Vitamin and Mineral Testing kit are included.

The Dietx analyser is only available through Dietx Ltd and great value for money at just £ 3400 Credit card payment facilities are available. We recommend that every purchaser attend a food sensitivity-testing course by Di Etx. Use of the machine is subject to specific training and practice. These are held in the form of small group seminars, the course-training fee is £550 and is held over two days in Woking, Surrey.

For all non-U.K residents the Dietx equipment can be purchased with a training CD and manual .


The food sensitivity and test involves the use of a simple, painless digital bioelectrical machine that measures the body’s energy resistance. It is non-invasive and has immediate results. Once you have the results of the test you may then offer advice on a sensible elimination programme.

Electro Dermal Screening is where an electronic device via the skin measures one point. Equipment that measures this energy is sometimes known as bio energetic, bio resonance, EAV. The Di Etx works on a physics principle measuring resistance by picking up on these energy readings, which then goes through the machine creating a circuit. A reading is then taken using a suspect ‘sensogen’ (a sensitivity sample such as food, dust or pollen). Once the potential sensogen ampoule has been placed in the honeycomb module, the machine will quickly analyse the difference between the baseline reading and the sensogen that has been introduced. The tester can then compare the two sample readings and interpret the results.

Over 120 substances that include common foods and drinks are tested during our consultation. If a substance is causing a problem then it will affect the body’s electrical resistance. The test is completely painless and is best described as a ball point pen touching the tip of your finger upon a acupuncture point


A Consultation takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes, and the results are instantaneous. An essential part of the test is to provide nutritional advice and counselling geared to the client’s circumstances and needs. Whilst we appreciate that other providers are able to carry out a test in a shorter period, our service is unique in that we provide an all round service which treats the client as an individual.



Training courses for the Di Etx are held in Woking, Surrey. Price = £550.00


Approximately 75% of Asknutrition’s workload arise directly from referrals, we provide value for money along with an excellent service coupled with our expertise and detailed knowledge in the field of nutritional medicine. A good reputation is the greatest asset for any company and Asknutrition has become well known for providing professional Therapists for professional people. All Asknutrition Associates offer a one-hour consultation to their clients. We believe an essential part of the test is to provide both nutritional advice and counselling tailored to individual’s particular circumstances and needs, provide a comprehensive and somewhat unique all round service that treats each client as an individual. We believe that once a client has experience of our level of service they will have no hesitation in recommending us to their family and friends.


The following subjects will be covered:
· Instruction in equipment use and protocol
· Allergies / Intolerances / Sensitivities.
· Different forms of Allergy Testing.
· The Digestive System.
· Alternative Foods.
· Common Health Complaints Associated With Food.
· The Elimination programme.
· Healing Crisis.
· Nutritional Training Including Vitamin and Minerals.
· Additional earning opportunities
· How to Build A Business / Business Start Up
· Business Acumen.
· Professional Insurance.
· Back up Services.
· Counselling Skills For Your Client.

Intensive training in equipment use is given over 2 days. A vitamin and mineral check is also provided alongside basic nutritional counselling, and a basic nutritional treatment programme for those who also qualified as Nutritional Therapists.

Please note that any electrical dermal screening procedure including the Di Etx system requires practice and patience to master the technique. After the initial two day training, it takes on average 4weeks before a tester is competent to carry out an accurate test. Perseverance is required to master the technique. If a student feels that extra training is required there is an option for further time to be allocated; however an additional charge may be incurred depending on time required.

One-Year Personal Development Course


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The one-year Certificated Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor course

This course is geared toward personal development and understanding of natural cure and nutritional therapy. Graduates will become qualified to offer comprehensive health advice to clients. (Typically, a student might work and advise customers in a health food store.)

This primary development course is recommended for those wishing to travel on their own personal healing journey and is also recommended for those wishing to give nutritional therapy advice to clients.

Please note that this course forms the first part of the 2-year course. (Graduates will be able to gain Asknutrition block insurance scheme and place ‘NNA’ after their name and practice as an advisor in Naturopathic Nutrition.

Price: £1500.00

Two-Year Personal Development Course

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Practitioner’s Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition (PDNN). This course leads to the main qualification required for Practitioners of Holistic Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy. The course is designed to equip graduates with all the necessary skills and tools to treat patients. (Graduates will be able to join the relevant Naturopathic and Nutritional Therapy bodies/Asknutrition block insurance scheme and place the letters ‘PDNN’ after their name, and they may enter private practice.)

The College operates an on-going program of post graduate seminars and training days for post graduate therapists. All graduates are invited to take part in these courses and are encouraged to get involved in the course input and share their experience and expertise with their colleagues. The CPD courses allow Practitioners to keep up-to-date with the latest information and advances in Nutritional Medicine and Therapy. CPD courses are an excellent way for Practitioners to improve their diagnostic skills and keep pace with all the developments in the world of nutrition, as well as bringing in clinical case studies to examine and share.

Price: £3000.00


Students who are enrolled on the Nutritional one-year and two-year courses are expected to attend lectures and tutorials on one day of a weekend each month (10.00-5.00pm) over a period of eleven months each year.

Home Studies

Students are expected to complete a certain amount of coursework and set assignments through home study. Essay and coursework will be required to be completed in order to gain the qualifications.


The College operates a system of continual assessment that will contribute to final grades. Students will also be expected to complete a final examination upon completion of their course. Examination marks are added to grades achieved during the course of the year from which the final results will be derived. A further thesis will be set for students to complete over the two-year period, the subject of which will be of the student’s choice.


Students completing the Diet and Nutrient Coach Course will achieve a Certificate in Diet and Nutrient Coaching.

Students completing the 1-year Professional Advisors course will achieve a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Advice (NNA) and are entitled to call the selves a Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor.

Students completing the 2-year professional Practitioners course will achieve a Practitioners Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition (PDNN).nn1