During a preliminary consultation the therapist will try to build a complete picture of the patient’s lifestyle and background.

In a typical case history the therapist will look for similar tendencies and patterns of illness which may be found in earlier generations such as parents and grandparents. Inherited weaknesses or genetic dispositions are extremely common place and their disclosure can lead to successful treatment.

As well as dietary modification, the therapist may use a number of additional complementary treatments. This may include Naturopathic Dietary Supplements and Hydrotherapy techniques, which are used as tools to help gently purge and eliminate toxins from the body.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on cleansing toxins from the system before the next phase of treatment can begin.

Once the body has been cleansed the gentle process of renurturing can be introduced to gradually rebuild tolerances and slowly heal and correct any remaining nutritional deficiencies.

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    If you wish to obtain advice and assistance with regard to any specific problems related to food allergy testing and naturopathic nutrition then you would need to provide details on your health condition. Please contact Fiona by telephone to make an appointment for a consultation, which can be conducted in person or by telephone. An initial assessment and treatment programme will then be provided. Further consultations may be required and it is advisable to undertake these by telephone wherever possible.

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