Colonic Irrigation & Hydrotherapy Treatments

Colonic irrigation, also known as colon hydrotherapy treatment is a well-established natural therapy that acts directly on the colon. An infusion of warm, purified water is introduced gently under a low pressure via a small tube, which circulates throughout the colon. This effectively removes waste matter and toxins that have built up and adhered to the colon wall and not removed during normal excretion.

A thorough colon hydrotherapy treatment can improve common health complaints, including constipation, headaches, and insomnia, as well as boosting your immune system and increasing your energy and quality of life.

All treatments take place at our colon hydrotherapy clinic in Woking, Surrey.

Colon abdominal lymph/ Reiki massage

Delivered alongside or separate from our colon hydrotherapy service, a deep tissue colonic/abdominal massage using Reiki is a technique that encourages loosening of additional faecal matter from the colon.

The therapist will use a gentle technique that stimulates colon contraction. This can assist your bowel to expel the cause of constipation, release excess gas, and reduce the pain and discomfort associated with IBS and similar conditions.

It also encourages muscle tone improvement and is a gentle additional treatment used at our colon hydrotherapy clinic to stimulate bowel function and elimination, either as a standalone therapy or additional prior to colonic irrigation. Lymphatic drainage from the colon is enhanced with the technique that aids removal of toxins from the bowel. Treatments take place at our Surrey clinic, serving clients from across the South East.

Price £45.00 for abdominal massage.

History the Colonic Irrigation Procedure

Colonic irrigation and enemas are amongst the oldest recorded medical treatments. Implements for giving enemas and descriptions of their use are recorded in the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus dating form 1500BC. The most famous physcian Hippocrates described using donkey milk, honey, sweet wine olive and soda enemas. Since these early times enemas were used extensively as part of the lay healers treatments until around the mid-1800’s when medicine became a more organised science-based practice. Enemas and colonics continued to be used in the home and hospitals, usually administered by nurses or midwives, to ensure daily bowel movements- a recognistion of the importance of maintaining regular elimination to allow the body to heal.

Price £80.00 for colonic hydrotherapy service.

How the colonic irrigation procedure works

The Asknutrition colon hydrotherapy clinic uses a gravity feed portable closed system. The equipment pulls hot and cold water that is purified through the machine. This is then gently fed into the colon with individual disposable equipment at the same temperature as your body. You will be asked to put on a patient gown and will be covered with a towel for privacy, which we respect at all times. All waste material leaves the colon via a continued closed system. This means that you are not exposed to any unpleasant smell or awareness that is often experienced with other systems.

Fiona Gibson, the founder of AskNutrition in Surrey is a nutritionist and colon hydrotherapy practitioner trained by Dr Milo Stewart.  This form of training is only open to Doctors, nurses, nutritionists or herbalists who have already undertaken intensive training in their disciplines in Anatomy and Physiology, plus clinical training in their field.

When you attend your hydrotherapy treatment, you can therefore be assured that you are dealing with an experienced practitioner who offers colonic irrigation hydrotherapy as part of her practice.

Benefits of colon hydrotherapy treatment

– Increasing well being.

– Could help with weight issues by assisting eliminating toxins which can store in fat cells.

– Lymphatic stimulation, which improves drainage of toxins and fluid retention plus immunity.


3 to 5 colonic sessions are advised to improve long standing problems and improve all over health. A deep colonic lymphatic massage is available separately or added onto the colonic session. Cost for colonic and abdominal reiki lymphatic massage £100.00


Recommended Hydrotherapy Treatment:

3 to 5 colonic irrigation procedures are advised to improve long standing problems and improve your all over health. A deep colonic lymphatic massage is available separately or added onto the colonic irrigation session.
Cost for colonic irrigation and abdominal reiki lymphatic massage together is £100.00

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To make an enquiry, or book a colon hydrotherapy treatment, you can contact our Woking clinic by completing the contact form here.

ClinicAsknutrition HillCroft, Westhill Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 7UJ.
Colonic Irrigation / Hydrotherapy sessions take an hour and a quarter.

Appointments also available evenings and alternative Saturdays.

Book a Treatment

They can be booked by contacting Fiona at her clinic on 0845 43 03022 or by email to Gibson is an experienced naturopath and nutritionist who offers a number of disciplines including food allergy testing and colonics. Fiona Gibson will look at the whole person when conducting a colonic and is able to provide relevant additional basic nutritional treatment advice at part of the colonic appointment session.
Please Note:Due to heavy appointment bookings and in the interests of other clients, AskNutrition has had to introduce a strict payment policy for missed appointments. The scale of charges for missed appointments are as follows:Less than 4 days until the confirmed appointment, 50% of the fee will be chargedLess than 48 hours until the confirmed appointment 100% of the fee will be charged
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