Food Intolerance Testing

Some Common symptoms associated with food allergy / intolerance:

Food Allergy Testing

Our simple, painless food intolerance test is, able to pin point potentially harmful foods that could be causing your symptoms.  I am able to offer you advice on a sensible elimination diet, as well as a vitamin and mineral check which is also provided alongside basic nutritional counselling.

What does a test involve

Over 120 substances which include common foods and drinks are tested during our consultation plus vitamins and minerals deficiency.
The equipment I use is a electronic machine, which works on a physics principle  which measures the body’s resistance to the a fore mentioned substances.  If a substance is causing a problem then it will effect the body’s measured energy resistance. The test is completely painless and is best described as a ball point pen touching the tip of your finger upon a acupuncture point.

How long does it take?

A Consultation will take approximately 1 hour 25 minutes and the results are instantaneous.  At AskNutrition I believe that an essential part of the test is to provide nutritional advice and counselling geared to the client’s circumstances and needs.  Whilst I appreciate that other providers are able to carry out a test in a shorter period, our service is unique in that we provide an all round service which treats the client as an individual. We believe that once you have undergone one of our tests and experienced our professional service you will have no hesitation in recommending us to your friends.

How much does it cost? 

Basic test £80.00/ Full test plus in depth nutritional treatment advice and health anaylsis. £120.00

Are the foods you are eating making you feel ill?

Who can be tested?
This test is suitable for anyone other than those with a pacemaker and any aged child subject to them being on solid foods. If you are taking prescribed medication this will not interfere with the test.

How many tests will I need?

This is dependant on the individual but I tend to find that only one test is necessary.  It is generally advisable, however that at least one follow up appointment is made to revisit one month after the test, to monitor progress whilst carrying out any eliminations of food from your diet.

Will I have to avoid certain foods forever?

This will depend on whether your body can tolerate the food once it has been reintroduced into your diet, after an initial 4 week programme. In some circumstances this 4 week period will have to be extended, if, for example, the body’s immune and digestive systems need additional support to eradicate the underlying problem.