Fiona Gibson

D.H.D. D.N.N. P.D.N.N. C.N.N, D.N.N.P, A.N.N, F.N.T.P

The Holistic Practitioner

Fiona Gibson

Mission Statement.

To passionately inspire my clients to feel empowered to take responsibility for their wellbeing by offering Holistic teachings and solutions to the causes of poor health through Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine.

Fiona Gibson is the founder and principal of the College  Naturopathic Nutrition and is one of the UK’s leading nutritional therapists.

An early pioneer in developing and sourcing specialist foods for people with food allergies Fiona was instrumental in bringing food allergy and intolerance testing to the British high street.

A practitioner in Naturopathic Nutrition, Fiona advocates a holistic approach to treating people suffering from a wide range of symptoms that can manifest on a physical, mental and emotional level. She has a Diploma in Dietary Healing, a Practitioner’s Diploma in Natural Nutrition as well as a certificate in Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy. She has also studied Iridology, Kinesiology and Colour Puncture, and is a qualified Reiki master.

Passionate about teaching people to take responsibility for their own health and direction, Fiona has, over the years, also built a reputation as a motivational speaker.

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A personal journey

Fiona first became interested in natural healing techniques when her highly active career was halted due to the development of chronic ME in 1992. Six years earlier, Fiona had joined the Avon & Somerset Constabulary where she led a highly active career as a community police officer. Finding conventional medicine lacking and unable to help, Fiona explored a wide variety of treatments and therapies before finally discovering the healing powers of Nutritional Medicine and Dietary Therapy.

The discovery of the cause of her own illness and her subsequent recovery led Fiona to re-evaluate her life and her aspirations. She quickly became interested in furthering her knowledge of Nutritional Medicine and developed a keen desire to convey her discoveries to others.

On leaving the police force, Fiona went on to train in Dietary Healing and Naturopathic Nutrition, successfully completing an exclusive individual apprenticeship with the nutritional teacher and practitioner, Barbara Wren. In 1994, Fiona assisted Wren in establishing one of the country’s foremost nutritional colleges, where she tutored and lectured at practitioner level in the field of Naturopathic Nutrition.

An early pioneer in nutritional therapy

Alongside her teaching, Fiona ran a busy clinic in the West Country and served as a Nutritional Director and Consultant to The Complementary Medicine Centre in Taunton, one of the first companies in the UK to provide specialist foods and alternatives to people with food allergies. The business operated a successful shop and mail order service (“AllergyCare”) and was the first company to bring Orgram gluten- free pasta into the U.K. The operation expanded to provide health shops with gluten-free pastas and grains, as well as other items such as tapioca flour, potato flour, gram flour, amaranthe flour, gluten-free gravy powder, gluten-free stuffing mix, and egg substitutes. At the request of the Children’s Hyperactive Support Group, AllergyCare also developed the successful Whizzers chocolate range.

Responsible for the nutritional training of all the Company’s allergy therapists, Fiona expanded the number of testers nationally from two to fifty, offering food intolerance testing to the public through such venues as Holland & Barrett. It was during this time that Fiona also initiated a successful National Nutritional help-line where the BBC regularly sought her expertise.

In 2000, Fiona left the Company and moved to Woking, Surrey, to start up her own clinic, AskNutrition. Naturopathic nutrition consultations, food allergy and intolerance testing, colonic irrigation hydrotherapy, and life coaching are amongst the services provided.

In July, Fiona also became a consultant nutritionist at Champneys Forest Mere where she continues to provide food intolerance testing, consultations and guest talks. Fiona also has associates that she has trained in food intolerance testing working in many of the Group’s other UK venues.

In 2001, Fiona went on to establish The College of Naturopathic Nutrition (previously called The U.K School of Naturopathic Nutrition) to further her goal to provide people with the tools to educate others in the science of Nutritional medicine. In her role as Principal, Fiona’s vision is to provide an educational establishment that is open to all, one that that provides individuals with the opportunity to receive a high standard of professional training to practitioner level. Considerable emphasis is placed on developing interpersonal communication skills and the transition of theoretical knowledge into working practice.

In 2003, Fiona founded Dietx a company which markets and develops food intolerance-testing machines. Electro dermal screening machines are provided for those who wish to train in food-intolerance testing and offer the service to the public under the guidelines and with the ongoing support of AskNutrition. The small portable machines are non-invasive and provide immediate results.