Iridology Health Analysis


Iridology is an alternative medicine technique that examines the iris (colour part of the eye) to determine health issues of a patient.

A bit like a structural survey, instead of a building, however, it is a structural health survey, which shows up weaknesses, predispositions and susceptibilities. These can be inherited or acquired within the body.

By studying patterns, colours and markings on the iris a picture can be built up of the patients existing health, as well as potential future health issues.

By then working with the patient/client and underpinning the weaknesses with naturopathic and nutritional medicine, the body has a positive chance to regain or maintain health.


Eye examinations for health issues have for centuries been used to guide the physician in the state of their patient’s health. Hippocrates – the father of modern medicine, who was a naturopathic physician, studied his patient’s eyes to determine a clue as to their health constitution.

Ancient Egyptian text has referenced eye markings has having health indications and everyone has heard of the saying the eyes are “The eyes are the windows of the Soul”.

Modern Iridology

Ignatz Von Peczely (1826-1911)

As a boy Von Peczely was playing with an owl, one day when it got trapped and suffered from a broken leg.

While nursing the owl back Peczely noticed a dark marking on the owl’s leg. As the owl’s leg started to heal he noticed the marking get lighter and then almost disappearing once the leg was healed. This inspired him to train as a Doctor.
During his career he studied thousands of patient’s eyes and would record markings, colours, flecks on the iris and the patient’s symptoms. Slowly he started to make links with health problems and certain areas of the eye having markings. He then went on to develop the first iridology chart that mapped the whole body onto the iris.

The Iridologist uses a torch and a magnifier to view the iris a whole body analysis with full corrective and preventative naturopathic and nutrition advice is given.

The session takes approximately 1hr 30 minutes and costs £.100.00