Success Stories

Naturopathic Nutrition and Fiona helped my ME testimonial

Was recommended to Fiona when suddenly I came down with ME. It was a very scary time when what I thought was a strong healthy body collapsed, visited GP and after so many blood test got no answers at all, so traditional medicine just left me to get on with it with no explanation’s as to what was going on with my body and if I would or could get better.
Thank goodness I found Fiona, on my initial consultation she made me understand what my body was doing and what I needed to do to go about getting me on the road to recovery. As Fiona has recovered from ME herself, she could empathise fully with my symptoms and she instantly inspired me to think positively about the road to recovery. Her amazing knowledge of nutrition, vitamins and natural healing of the body is a true gift and I am so happy that my daily improvement is being guided by such a lovely professional practitioner who is so approachable. Ten out of ten Fiona, nought out of ten NHS!   By TG

Benefits of Dietx Procleanse Plus testimonial

This procleanse stuff really works! I’m going to the toilet twice a day now after always constipation By VC personal trainer.

Benefits of Naturopathic Nutrition testimonial

Fiona,  is a very experienced Naturopath, who has helped us to improve our diets, health and fitness by being aware of our own personal food intolerances.  It is well worth listening to her talks and taking advantage of her skills.  By Mrs D, from Hertford

Colonic Irrigation testimonial

‘Due to the distance between Reading and Woking I decided to try somewhere local for a colonic.  Despite the distance, I decided to continue my treatments with Fiona as found her method seamless, and trusted her implicitly.’ By V.B from Reading

Naturopathic Nutrition training course testimonial

I have recently had the pleasure in studying for a better future with Fiona Gibson at AskNutrition.  After looking at all the options of where to study Holistic Nutrition I decided on Fiona which has been a life changing decision.  I am confident that there is no other teacher out there as passionate and as knowledgeable about peoples health.  Fiona’s way of teaching is simplistic and very effectivie. Her main aim in life is to help people live a better life, be it if you are a client of hers or a student and she does this with unrivalled success.   By a student of Naturopathic Nutrition

Food intolerance testing and Dietx training course testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you,  for introducing me to the Dietx machine and the training and support which has allowed me to offer food intolerance testing to my clients. So many people are now aware of food intolerances that I get lots of enquiries that otherwise would not be coming my way. Consequently not only do I have the revenue from the tests but also all of the add on services these same clients require and the customers they recommend to me, following their success in feeling better by cutting out the difficult foods.It is true to say that my business would not have survived without this service so I can definitely say I have had great value for money – one of the best business decisions I’ve made.  By C B

Food Intolerance testing training course testimonial

I wanted to share with you how much the Allergy Testing training course and subsequent qualification has impacted on my business.  Firstly, the course was excellent, providing a far more detailed education in nutrition and particularly the digestive system than I had anticipated. Clinically, I am noticing that by offering intolerance and allergy testing, many patients are coming to see me who would have been daunted by the thought of a purely ‘nutritional consultation’.  They see a test as been extremely useful and interesting without committing to a therapy. Therefore, business has really improved and naturally, happy customers bring with them referrals and more happy customer.  By J C (qualified in allergy testing 2004)